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Careful consideration should be taken by students enrolling in Honors level or Advanced Placement courses. Many students perceive that all colleges and universities look favorably upon very demanding schedules or the Honors and AP courses calculate grade point average higher. The assumption is, therefore, that it must be better to be in Honors or AP courses at any cost.

If, in fact, you have proven that you can work and attain a higher level (88%) in an Honors or AP course, there may be a benefit when applying to selective schools and/or applying for certain scholarships. However, if you do not have a history of attaining higher levels in Honors or AP courses, an assumption of these classes benefiting you may be in error. In fact, a student loading himself up with Honors or AP courses then having a mediocre performance can hurt in the scholarship or selective schools application process.

Some colleges and universities re-compute GPA. These schools do not use the weighted grading system that is in place for Honors and AP courses.

Selective colleges and universities do not expect students to take all AP and Honors courses. They want to see some AP and Honors courses. Some colleges do not expect any Honors and AP courses. For example, most University of Nebraska System schools award scholarships based upon class rank, not Honors or AP courses. Students should choose wisely which AP and Honors courses to take.

There are some students who do not perform well if they are not challenged. Therefore, it may be wise to be in a number of Honors or AP courses. It is recommended that you make a decision about Honors and AP courses based upon the following:

Your interest, your academic history, your ability to attain a higher level (88%), your plans and thoughts for college and your overall schedule as a person.

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