Coaches Corner

Pitcher and Catcher Conditioning Dates
Wed Feb 21
Thurs Feb 22


 Feb 19   4:30-5:30  Richter, Phillips, Laney, D Dunham

 Feb 21  4:30-5:30  Swerz, Johnson, Mandel, Krzemien

 Tryouts begin Feb 26

All of these times are subject to change.  Weather and field conditions will allow for adjustments.
Please be ready for inside and outside practice each day.
sweatshirts, long sleeves, baseball pants, and hats are required.   

Monday Feb 26
Fr A   6-7:30am
Fr B   3:30-5pm
JV     5-7pm
Var    7-10pm

Tuesday Feb 27
Fr A   3:30-5pm
Fr B    6-7:30am
JV   5-7pm
Var   7-10pm

Wednesday Feb 28
FR/JV  A   3:30-5:15pm
FR/JV  B   5:15-7pm 
Var .  7-10pm

Thursday  Mar 1
FR/JV A   5:15-7pm
FR/JV  B   3:30-5:15pm
Var    7-10pm

Friday Mar 2
FR/JV . 3:30-6:30pm
Var/JV  6:30-9:30pm 

Saturday Mar 3
FR/JV   12-3pm
Var/JV   9am-12pm 










































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